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  January 19, 2016,Popcorn Day
January 19th is Popcorn Day! So celebrate this occasion joyous trivia today style and see if you can answer a few questions about America's favorite snack...

Once Upon a Time, Movie Theaters Were the Last Place You Would Find Popcorn. When Did That Change?
# Yes, that's right, it's already been a whole year since Popcorn Day 2015. Amazing how the time flies. In the olden days, movie theaters liked to be thought of the same way people thought of regular theaters. As a refined place where the upper class went for entertainment  And something like the popcorn sold by street vendors outside was not the snack of the refined upper class. Worried about people grounding food into their nice rugs and making too much noise from the crunch of the kernel, movie theaters banned the snack. That changed in 1927 when talkies arrived along with the Great Depression. Unlike the reading-heavy experience of silent films, movies with audio appealed to the working class. And during the Great Depression, those working class people wanted to eat some food with their movies that was dirt cheap. Enter one of the cheapest snacks to produce on the planet: popcorn.

With moviegoers buying plenty of the affordable snack outside, then ferrying it inside to eat with their movies, the theaters realized their snooty ways were costing them a pretty penny. So they started selling popcorn themselves. Popcorn got another boost a few years later when the United States started sending sugar to soldiers overseas in the war effort. Moviegoers suddenly couldn't buy candy, but there was still plenty of the salty snack to chomp on.
What Made Popcorn Consumption Decline During the 1950s?
# This remains the most wonderful way in which the power of the atom has ever been tapped. If the success of movies helped spur popcorn sales, then it stands to reason that the thing that threatened movie theaters would also threaten the popcorn industry. So when people started getting television sets in their homes in the 1950s,
it was bad news for ticket gates, and it was consequently bad news for popcorn. What helped the snack's sales rebound? The spread of the microwave and the creation of microwavable popcorn.

Who Brought Popcorn to Europe?
Native Americans were big fans of popcorn. They used to bring it to peace negotiations and some even believed their ancestors' spirits lived in the kernels. So this popular treat was soon adopted by the explorers who came here from Europe, settlers started growing the corn themselves on their farms, and, eventually, Christopher Columbus brought the snack back to Europe.
What Contribution Did Charles Cretors Make to the Popcorn Field?
Charles Cretors is the guy who invented the popping machine and the wet popper, two devices that allowed you to, well, pop corn. His machine had the advantage of being mobile which, in turn, meant vendors could use it to sell popcorn at places like the local sports game or the circus. It also meant you could make popcorn without having to be in the kitchen, which made it easier to produce. Popcorn might not be as successful as it is today if it weren't for Charles Cretors. Or the Great Depression. Or World War II. Or Native Americans. Or the microwave.