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What Was the Name of Marilyn Monroe's First Husband?
# A power couple even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be jealous of. Monroe's first marriage wasn't to a celebrity; it was just to the guy next door. At age 16, her foster family was moving, and she had two choices: get married or return to the orphanage. So she married James Dougherty, and then a merchant marine.
While Dougherty was overseas, Monroe started modeling, and by the time he came home, she wanted to be an actress. Dougherty said she could be a housewife or a star, but she couldn't be both. So she became a star. Reportedly, when Dougherty remarried, his new wife forbade him from seeing any of Monroe's movies. Can't say we blame her.
How Did Joe DiMaggio First Meet Marilyn Monroe?
# A scene so famous they dedicated a freaking statue to it in Chicago. Once upon a time, Marilyn Monroe took some photos with Philadelphia Athletics power hitter Gus Zernial. When DiMaggio was playing against Zernial a couple of days later, he asked about the girl in the photos. Then DiMaggio contacted the press agent, Dave Marsh, who had set up the photos and got a date with Monroe. We guess if we were the ones who called a beautiful woman's press agent because she looked good in some photos it wouldn't have gone quite as well. The two hit it off and eventually got married, but it didn't last long. DiMaggio wanted a housewife, and Marilyn Monroe wanted to be a superstar. DiMaggio especially objected to the way she was promoted as a sex symbol. One of his more famous blowups came when they allowed spectators to watch the filming of that famous scene where the dress billows about her in The Seven Year Itch.

While the marriage didn't work out, the two later became close friends, DiMaggio cared for her deeply, and for 20 years after Monroe died, he had flowers sent to her grave three times a week.

What Arthur Miller Play Was Thought to Be Depicting His Marriage to Monroe?
Monroe's Union to Arthur Miller made headlines at the time it happened, including the memorable one in Variety," Egghead Weds Hourglass." They soon separated and Miller, like any good playwright, had to write about it. The play After the Fall is considered to be a depiction of the couple's marriage, and if you've seen it, you know Monroe didn't come off too well. James Baldwin reportedly walked out while watching the play because the character was such a harsh portrayal of the starlet.
In 1999, at $1,267,500, What Became the Most Expensive Item of Clothing Ever Sold?
And of course, no article about the relationships of Marilyn Monroe would be complete without mentioning John F. Kennedy. Did they or didn't they? That's a question we're not touching, but the rumors are rampant and Monroe singing the most arousing "Happy Birthday" song you've ever seen on national television certainly didn't help matters. In fact, that rendition is so famous that, in 1999, the dress she wore while singing it sold at auction for $1,267,500. At the time, it was the most money an article of clothing has ever sold for. Though that number was later eclipsed when the Seven above my site Year Itch dress sold for more than three times as much. The moral, as always, everyone wants a piece of Marilyn Monroe.